The kids may be back in school and adults may be back at work but it’s still Christmas in the church until Saturday January 5th. This Sunday January 6th is Epiphany Sunday, the day the church recalls the story of the Magi who followed a star to come and worship the new born king Jesus.

January offers a new beginning for many people but it can also be a time when people feel exhausted or even depressed. Perhaps you are tired of all the parties and celebrations that have taken place over that past 6 weeks; maybe you are not exactly a lover of winter weather; it could be the lack of sunlight that we experience this time of year; or maybe you’re feeling sad because all the excitement of the season is coming to a close and it’s back to the old routine.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Spring training for Major League Baseball begins in less than 6 weeks. Daylight Savings time resumes in about 9 weeks and the first day of spring is only about 75 days away. While that may seem to be far off in the distance consider this: since About December 23rd we are getting a little more light each and every day. And knock on wood we have had a very mild winter. But one thing that is upon us is Epiphany Sunday where we remember the story of the magi following the light of the star to come and worship the holy child Jesus. No matter how dark and cold it may seem, it’s good to know that the light of the world Jesus is with us. We too can follow the light as the magi did. The light of Jesus as our guiding star will warm our hearts and lead us from the cold dark death to the spring of new life and resurrection.